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SEO Audit Package

Website, Brand and SEO Audit Package

Amanda Maldonado
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What Will I Learn From An SEO Audit?

Where does your website measure in the rankings across search platforms? Is it optimized for youtube and other search queries? Do you know who your target market is and who you are actually reaching? Is you brand falling victim to a saturated market? These are just some of the questions I will answer in the SEO Audit.

Over the past 10 years I have built myself a template of evaluations and markers to measure the optimization success of my own personal niche websites, and now I am ready to share my skills with you. 

Whats Included With The Complete SEO Audit?

With 40 hours of research and using my audit template, I will provide you with ten pages or more (depending on brand depth) of valuable information with actionable solutions on how to improve your SEO.  You will immediately be able to drive more traffic and gain more qualified leads on your website after implementing suggestions in my report.

The report comes in an easy to read bullet style format. This will help you understand your brand's authority and website presence allowing for optimization improvements that can easily be implemented section by section or step by step. 

Pro Tip: If you sign up for my mailing list (found in the link at the bottom of this page) you will immediately be sent a generous discount coupon to use during check out. 

That said, when you order you will receive:

  • Rank and authority standing across multiple search platforms including bing, youtube and google 
    • Market analysis 
    • Your top 3 competitors standings comparison
    • How to improve your results
  • Brand presence analysis 
    • Your top 3 competitors brand awareness 
    • How to increase your brand awareness online.
  • Website optimization 
    • Title, image, and content metadata and tag analysis
    • How to maximize your language and keyword usage
  • Keyword research and optimization
    • How to maximize your ad campaigns and target market 
    • Your competitors main keywords
  • Target market profile 
    • Identify untapped sales channels
  • Final digital presence synopsis and personalized recommendations for implementation

You will not find crap information you don't need to know or want in this report. You will be provided with immediately actionable solutions to the problems that you are looking to fix. Contact me to go over the exact solutions you are searching for and we can make a more personalized plan through this audit. It's absolutely worth the money.