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E-Commerce Storefront Development

E-Commerce Store Development

Amanda Maldonado
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What Is Ecommerce Development?

Ecommerce Development is The art of creating websites for selling products. Basically. There's a lot of work that goes into the planning, building and execution of ecommerce site. If all that sounds complicated and not something you can pull off on your own - well, that's where I come in. 

I created the Development Package for beginners from the platform up. From identifying your niche and finding your target market, through all the early development stages, including the initial content building and optimization for driving traffic and sales, I walk you through my entire process of building an ecommerce store and set you up for success.

Designed for those without a website or store. Built from scratch.

Included In Ecommerce Package:  

  • Niche product research
  • keyword research
  • competitor keyword research
  • website development and branding
  • storefront development
  • analytics integration
  • social media creation and integration
  • blog creation and integration
  • content building and optimization 

All Ecommerce services include a one year tracking and optimization guarantee. I want you to succeed! 

Don't let Money be an issue. Make an appointment for a $1.00 30 minute ecommerce consultation and I will present you with alternative solutions to your goals. Let's talk this through and see how I can help you grow your Ecommerce business today.  :)