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About SEO Amanda

My father always said, build a solid foundation and your house will stay for generations. I do business based on that philosophy. I created my brand as a Benefit Corporation to show the world that commerce can be integritous. I pledge my dollars with steady streams of donations to my local charities that build community. I build relationships with my customers that turn into partnerships and create beautiful beginnings.

I believe that we really are all in this together and that's why I guarantee my work. I won't stop until your happy with your results. 

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

If you found me on the internet by doing a search for "SEO specialist" or "Ecommerce development" that is the product of good SEO for those specific keywords on my website. But SEO is also so much more. 

Search engine optimization is the art of optimizing a website to be the solution to what real people are searching for online.

That's what ultimately drives conversions or sales, and that's the service I provide. 

As an SEO specialist, I build ecommerce empires, which is referred to as ecommerce development. My target audience didn't always know that I was the solution to their problem, until I started marketing their problem to them. Much of my actual traffic on this page comes from referrals and real canvassing of local business that need my services. This serves as the proof that what I do for people, while not tangible, provides long term results. 

What to Expect When You're Expecting Results

Don't expect SEO results to happen overnight! They won't. Just like you wont reach a perfect credit score overnight in real life, your seo ranking takes time to build as well. Don't get me wrong, you could have a very valuable niche, solving a very profitable problem that is trending online as you release your site- and it could suddenly go viral. Or you could pay for traffic. But I just laid out the perfect recipe for a viral ecommerce website release that is a completely unrealistic seo expectation. 

It is realistic to assume that results should be trackable by the following month of first implementation of optimization. If not. Something is going wrong. 

You should expect methods and the path to results to be clear and concise. I always provide my client with a detailed map of services and how they link together synergistically. I layout timelines for the desired results so they are always clear about where we are in the process. Most importantly, I keep good communication about these expectations if and when they ever change; and let's be honest, the internet is always changing. 

My SEO Methods Are Simple And Powerful Like The Ecommerce Platform They Are Built On. 

Build authority. Grow traffic. Increase sales. 

It's a simple method combined with a powerful platform, and I decided that I wanted to help people like you take advantage of that. When you sign up for a free 30 minute consultation with me, I will go over my strategies and why they are important for your SEO, ecommerce and brand overall. We can customize a package or service to suit your needs and your budget, and grows your sales potential!